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Image by Christian Schrader

About the HAMRAHI

The Hamrahi is a team of hard-core tourism consultants & Planners,  based in Chandigarh, India. A break from your daily hectic schedule is the time of your life when you want to enjoy the most. We turn your breaks into chances for holidays and provide you with the opportunities to make the best use of them. We understand that the worth of your money paid for vacations must return in the shape of enjoyment. We care for that and offer you the best Holiday products.

Image by Kabir van Wegen

The regular holiday destinations are the story of the past. Today’s traveller looks for offbeat destinations. We, The Hamrahi understand the traveller's requirement and bring unique holiday products to fulfil tourists’ desires. We offer you the best and most unusual places with all the relevant information and keep the suspense alive until you have reached the place. The idea is to provide you with the worth of your hard-earned money and make you enjoy the uniqueness of the unusual.

Adventure & Experience

Safety First

Hamrahi takes utmost care of client safety & hygiene while planning your tours. We’ve seen it all, Our years of experience help us to plan safe travels. 


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